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Clearas is a cleansing program to edit autostart, context menu, service and scheduled task items. It started as reimplementation of the msconfig tool with inspirations from CCleaner. Now it is an open-source cleansing program for advanced users who want the ability to manage autostart, context menu, service and scheduled task items in a more flexible way with enhanced possibilities.


The Autostart tab lists all the programs that are executed when Windows is started. Each of these programs can be disabled in principle to speed up the boot process of Windows. However, not all programs should be disabled, as there are also important background programs that need to be run every time Windows is started. Usually it helps to take a look at the file path to the application. If this contains a well-known hardware manufacturer, it is not recommended to disable this entry.

Edit autostart programs using Clearas

The deletion of startup programs is also possible, but it is strongly discouraged because it is irrevocable. Instead, deactivation should preferably be used. For safety reasons, the option to export the entry as a registration file, which can later be imported again, is offered when deleting. Incidentally, the complete autostart can also be exported as a registration file via the menu item "Export entries" below the "File" menu. Using the menu item "Add" programs can even be added to the autostart. Other functions can be accessed via the context menu that is displayed by a right-click.

Context menu

The context menu tab lists context menu entries seen in the Windows Explorer context menu, which have accumulated over the years. With a few clicks they can be hidden. By default, only frequently used context menu items are displayed. An expert mode was introduced to find special pop-up menus in deep structures of the registry. A quick search is provided to search for specific entries.

Edit context menu items using Clearas

Custom context menu entries can be added via the menu item "Add".

ShellNew items

Clearas provides the possibility to edit so-called ShellNew entries which can be found under "New" in Windows Explorer background context menu.

ShellNew entries

If the entry "Contact" is e.g. unwanted, it can be removed from the menu by clicking on "Disable":

Disable ShellNew "Contact" entry

Finally this entry cannot be found anymore:

Removed "New contact"


On the Services tab it is possible to edit Windows services. This is comparable with the msconfig "services" feature but with improved usability and more functionality. Per default, only automatically started services with low priority are displayed. An expert mode has been added to find all services (except driver or operating system services). A quick search provides filtering of certain services.

Edit Windows services with Clearas

Scheduled tasks

The Scheduled Tasks tab makes it possible to edit scheduled tasks of Windows (since Vista). The expert mode finds hidden tasks and the quick search makes it easy to search for specific tasks.

Edit scheduled tasks using Clearas

Clearas supports multiple languages.


Clearas is primary distributed as setup.

Download Clearas Setup

In addition to the setup, Clearas can also be downloaded as a portable version (without installation).

Download Clearas Portable 64-bit

Download Clearas Portable 32-bit

Clearas has been digitally signed. To verify the signature the certificate of PM Code Works must be installed.