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The Windows projects are signed by a self-signed codesigning certificate before publication to certify that the binaries are compiled by me. Users can verify if the software has been changed since compiling and possibily tampered.

The UAC (User Account Control) was introduced in Windows Vista and shall help users to determine between trusted and unknown - maybe a harmful - software. If following message occurs

unknown publisher

Windows does not know the publisher. When running some of my programs exactly this message will appear as Windows does not know my signature. After installing my codesigning certificate a more friendly message will be shown:

trusted publisher

The installation of the PM Code Works codesigning certificate is really easy. All my programs have a procedure "Install certificate" that can be found inside menu "Help".

install PM Code Works certificate

If certificate has not been installed yet following message will be shown:

trusting PM Code Works certificate

By clicking on "Yes" the installation of the certificate is confirmed. Now Windows recognizes my signature.

Important: If message "unknown publisher" appears when launching one of my programs even though the certificate has been installed it is not recommended to confirm this message. The software could have been compromised! It is recommended to visit the project website and download the program again.

If you have problems or questions about this topic, just contact me.